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34+35 – Ariana Grande

34+35 – Ariana Grande
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I don't wanna keep you up (You up)
But show me, can you keep it up? (It up)
'Cause then I'll have to keep you up
Shit, maybe I'ma keep you up, boy
I've been drinking coffee (I've been drinking coffee; coffee)
And I've been eating healthy (I've been eating healthy; healthy)
You know I keep it squeaky, yeah (You know I keep it squeaky)
Saving up my energy (Yeah, yeah, saving up my energy)
Can you stay up all night?
Fuck me 'til the daylight
Thirty-four, thirty-five (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Can you stay up all night? (All night)
Fuck mе 'til the daylight
Thirty-four, thirty-five (Yeah, yеah, yeah, yeah)