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Anxious – AJ Tracey

Anxious – AJ Tracey
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Ringtone Anxious - AJ Tracey Lyrics:


If you get my number, then don't hit me on no dumb shit
We on demon time, my little hitters make the pump click
I been anxious lately, let me hit two on my blunt quick
I leave Novikov and all these yatties wanna come with
I run this London town, got smoke, we double down
And we ain't runnin' into trouble, we bring trouble 'round
I smash the radio, my ragers underground
I keep my shooters cool and hold my mother down
[Verse 1]
Yeah, I just heard Drake spit this flow like yesterday, it's crazy (Drizzy)
Taxman on my back, he see my figures gettin' hazy
When I go Selfridges the gyaldem treat me, I'm Swayze
I walk in, tape my off shore, AP rosé goin' brazy (Bling, bow)
My drink is super strong, I'm blessed, I can't be wrong (I can't)
And now my niggas rap, I'm learning all their songs (That's true)