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Bringing It Back – Digga D & AJ Tracey

Bringing It Back – Digga D & AJ Tracey
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Ringtone Bringing It Back - Digga D & AJ Tracey Lyrics:


[Verse 1: AJ Tracey]
My whole team gettin' bread and you know that (Facts)
I brought the old "Packages" flow back (Uh)
If she ain't new, then she can't get a throwback (No way)
I don't follow back chicks, and they know that (On God)
I came tru' with 21 tugs in black and they let the ting "glee", like Kodak
My opponents are broke and they show that (Facts)
If she stepped in with me, gotta' hold that (Bluuwuu)
[Verse 2: Digga D]
Yo, akh, bring that "Next Up" flow back
Throwback, no cap, that pack's low fat
Told that, my man won't get his cro back
None of his dough back, I don't give no chat
Real .39 stamp suttin', bro post that
This hooch here man got it off Polacks
Don’t give no chat and have no wap
When man sniper gang like I’m Kodak
[Verse 3: AJ Tracey]
I locked up the food for the kids like Boris (Like Boris)
And then I let it go like Rashford (Whee)
Free SQ, Free Shankz, that's standard (Free)
Feds take the mandem, got the block angered (Whee)
Stepped in the dance, sat down, got pampered (Whee)
Big back gyal, 'nuff weight, she's anchored (Glee)
Dot chopped to a half length, it's tampered (Boom)
.40 don't crumble, now he's in a Backwoods (Boom, boom, boom)