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Chills – Why Don’t We

Chills – Why Don’t We
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Lyrics Chills - Why Don’t We Ringtone:


[Pre-Chorus: Jack Avery]
Shiverin', I'm shiverin', I can't stop
Give me the look, you know the one I want
I've been waiting for
It's so cold, it's so cold, yeah

[Chorus: Zach Herron]
I got chills when you walk
Chills when you talk
Chills every time you say my name
It's the way that it feels when we touch
I can't get enough
Love got me frozen in place

[Post-Chorus: Zach Herron, Corbyn Besson & Daniel Seavey]
Baby, I got chills
Ooh, baby, I got chills
Ooh, baby, I got chills (Yeah)