Commitment Issues - Central Cee Ringtone Download

Commitment Issues – Central Cee

Commitment Issues – Central Cee
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Commitment Issues i Central Cee Ringtone Download:

I got commitment issues but I'm tryna fix that for you
If I can’t afford that bag that you want then I would lick that for you, huh
I wanna be there for you, I knew that the day I saw you
Too many times we argue, sorry for all of the names I called you
Shoulda never called you a bitch but I did, now you're pissed, tryna cut my clothes (Don't do that)
Should have deleted that text, then you wouldn’t of known that I fucked those hoes (Alright)
Don't act like you care how I feel, don't act like you care how I feel, you don't
Don't like how you act so spoilt, you start move mad when I tell you "No"