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D4L – Drake, Future, Young Thug

D4L – Drake, Future, Young Thug
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D4L - Drake, Future, Young Thug Ringtone Download:


FBG, YSL, know just what's brackin', yeah (Yeah, yeah)
Told my story, gotta clear it by your daddy, yeah (Yeah, yeah)
FBG, YSL, what's hannenin'? (What's hannenin'?)
Richard Mille, all this year, nigga, what's hannenin'? (What's hannenin'?)
Louis Vuitton bandana, bro, what hannenin'? (What's hannenin'?)
D4L, Stunna Man, say what's hannenin'? (What's hannenin'?)
Bowen Homes, you know, that shiesty shit (What's hannenin'?)
You go outside, you better back it

Oh, my right wrist a Ferrari (Skrrt, skrrt)
Foreign breed, American, she call me papi (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Vroom, vroom, Hellcat, give it to the goons (Vroom)
On that Earl Manigault, shootin' it out the spoon
Seen a prom queen smoke crack when I was lil'
Million dollars in cash like I sell drugs (Sell drugs)
Gave my bitch a hundred racks, vacuum sealed up (Vacuum seal, what?)
Vacuum sealed up

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