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International Baby – Niko B

International Baby – Niko B
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Lyrics International Baby - Niko B Ringtone:


I'm an international baby
Shopping in JD
I copped a plain tee
What do I do with my money?
I flip it and I splash it like Tom Daley
Feeling peckish, something savoury, Lidl Bakery
Keep it 100, not 99, like Jake and Amy
Now stop comparing me to this and that, I'm a different gravy
I'm waking up and send another invoice, like thank you, pay me
No days that I'm lazy
I downed a Red Bull, I'm feeling crazy
Might shoot my shot at Carly Jepsen, like call me maybe?
[Verse 1]
Picture frame on my wall
TalkTalk for the broadband, give me a call
I'm too short to play ball, I see Michael Jordan, I beat him at golf
Got people saying I'm cold, I've been doing bits since 8 years old
From this to making clothes, I don't know how many things I've sold
And how you gonna snitch on me for stealing food from the canteen