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Move – The Lox

Move – The Lox
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[Chorus: Styles P]
All this drip, all this money, all these jewels
All my niggas got these bitches like "oooh"
Watch what you say when we kick it
'Cause the shooter lookin' at you like food
You've been on the Gram or Twitter on some bitch shit talkin' about your mood
But we don't give a fuck, my nigga
Comin' through, fuckboys better move
[Verse 1: Styles P]
You lookin' at a winner (Look at me)
Probably go to Hell, got a black Jessica Biel, you lookin' at a sinner
Kiss'll get the bank
Louch'll get the women and I'm laying up the dank
While I'm lookin' for the link (I'm lookin')
Is he talkin' about wipe or a LLC, ya LP
Ignorant nigga, yeah, it's nothin' to tell me (Nothin')
Lookin' classy rockin' [?] while pushin' a Shelby
Got the Jack Boy elegance, mask is LV