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Only You Freestyle – Headie One & Drake

Only You Freestyle – Headie One & Drake
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Ringtone Only You Freestyle - Headie One & Drake:


[Verse 2: Headie One]
Oh, how we hate leggies (Suh-suh)
How much points have the gang got? Many (One)
Didn't ever have to rise that dots
It was just under my bed and ready (Turn)
Bro-bro chinged up an opp
Boy, I swear he got chinged already (They told me turn, uh)
That next one thought he was boss
Then he got shot, Nathan Tettey (They told me turn)
Got this bad B, Ohene (Turn, turn)
My next one from yard love reggae (Shawty)
We dishin' out store and telly
Then we in France balling out, Trezeguet (One)
She look sexy sippin' on Henny
My prawns grilled and my pasta penne (Suh, suh, suh, suh, suh, suh, suh-suh-suh-suh)
She give headie, headie
My tracksuit Louis, now covered in Fenty
Used to put the light in the cling
And it still didn't stop it smellin' like petty (Turn)
Put a dark in the blue, then we put it in the red, Balotelli
Them times it was M way (What?)
I mean M way, T house, M way (Huh?)
Now it's penty, uptown penty (Huh?)
Bentley, Range, then Bentley (One)
Have you ever had your pockets empty? (Turn)