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Snowchild – The Weeknd

Snowchild – The Weeknd
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I used to pray when I was sixteen
If I didn’t make it, then I’d probably make my wrist bleed
Not to mislead, turn my nightmares into big dreams
Whole squad mobbin’ even though we only six deep
I was singing notes while my niggas played with six keys
Walking in the snow before I ever made my wrist freeze
I was blowing smoke, had me dizzy like Gillespie
Niggas had no homes, we were living in the dead streets
You couldn’t find me like I’m Hoffa
Cover girls jumping out the page like they pop ups
Spending all my money on these niggas that I brought up
Taking care of families for my brothers when they locked up
And I had nothing to believe in
Double cup leanin’
Couldn’t even breathe and
For that money I was fiending
Cali was the mission but now a nigga leaving