Zeus - Eminem (Feat. White Gold) Ringtone Download

Zeus – Eminem (Feat. White Gold)

Zeus – Eminem (Feat. White Gold)
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Zeus - Eminem (Feat. White Gold) Ringtone:


[Chorus: White Gold & Eminem]
I be on my own (Yeah, woo), head up in the clouds like Zeus
When they say, "You ain't the GOAT", I come down like, "Who?"
But I got my head in the clouds like Zeus
Swear I can see the game from a bird's-eye view, ayy
Bitch, you talkin' to a rap god, ayy
Girl, you talkin' to a monsta, ayy
You could give your whole damn life to the music thing
They gon' turn around—
[Verse 3: Eminem]
I've seen them come and go
I've seen the hugest (Hugest) debuts ('Buts)
I've had a great view to see the (See the) game through (Through)
And, Drake, they're gonna turn on you (You) one day too (Too)
And the more you win, the sooner (Sooner) they do
They'll be calling you a trash bin
Sayin' that your new one isn't better than your last and
Even if it is, once they start to turn their backs
They ain't never comin' back in